The period between signing a drilling unit contract and starting operations can be one of the busiest, stressful and at times the most expensive periods of the contract if things turn sour.  

When deployed, the Rig Start-Up Management platform has drastically de-risk this period, greatly reducing the possibility of delays or unwanted situations. This is achieved by bringing clarity and transparency to the many challenging processes and tasks that need to be managed simultaneously when starting up new operations (and especially in new countries of operation)

    Tangible Benefits of using the Rig START-UP Management Platform

    • Time given back to you and your team.
      • Improved working efficiency
      • Email and excel sheet reductions
    • Policy and Process compliance ensured 
    • Acceptance, Audit management ensured
    • Guided process ensures no mission critical tasks are missed

    Based on decades of experience the Fennex Rig Start-Up Management platform is designed to ensure the best possible operational startup of Drilling Units for both the Operator and Contractors, whilst adhering to all specific contractual requirements. 

    Suitable for Operators or Contractors or ideally as a joint approach, the platform provides a guidance for Rig Intake, Remote Operations Start Up, as well as consolidated audit management and contract deficiency tracking tools. 

    Based in a secure environment, dashboards and pre-built reports (available based on position or group) to ensure swift, effective and transparent management of the rig intake from initial contract signing to the completion of the first well.


    How the Rig START UP Management Solution will help

    • Single (and live) version of the truth 
    • Live Drillable Dashboards
    • Configurable solution to suit your firm’s specific rig intake or startup processes or management systems
    • Ability to use all or part of the solutions
    • Virtual office - Unlimited access, meaning several team members can be working simultaneously on their own work areas.  (No more chasing for updates needed on email)
    • Ability for customers and key vendors to join the platform (as per your needs).
    • Data presented for upload to the firms own systems at completion of the project or as an on-going approach.
    • Key documents safely stored and available for approved users.  “Always have the latest versions available”
    • Using Microsoft products, the platform is easily adopted by users and can be linked into common applications such as Outlook for even easier access to key tasks and information.
    • Cost effective solution – providing the Software as a Services with rapid deployment.  Billed on a monthly basis.  No high IT development, maintenance costs.



    Fennex Consulting can offer a range of services to assist including _

    • Health checks to review your progress and advise of any red flags that may be approaching.
    • New country start up report, detailing the potential pitfalls, compliance issues,  key contacts and vendors in country.
    • Resource Assistance
      • On-site coordinators - to help drive the process and run coordination conference calls.
      • Remote 'virtual' coordinators - to help drive the process and run coordination conference calls on a part time basis.
      • Rig Manager Assistants (Global and offshore mobility as needed).
      • Drilling Manager Assistants (Global and offshore mobility as needed).


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