Over the last few years, the complexity of Drilling Rigs Start-Up operations has increased drastically, involving various Stakeholders, with continuous growing requirements to conform to even more rigorous Industry Standards and challenging Regional Regulations.

Furthermore, Drilling Contractor and Oil & Gas Operators are under increasing scrutiny to deliver cost effective projects.

The FenneX Rig Start-Up Management Platform is a Custom-Built, Cloud-Based Solution that will Digitize the many challenging processes and tasks needed to be managed Simultaneously, across Multiple Stakeholders,  bringing total Clarity and Transparency throughout the duration of the project.

The unique platform brings the digitized process to End-Users through various digital platforms: Desktop/Laptop, iPad, iPhone, with on-line or offline capabilities, transforming the Collaboration amongst Dispersed Teams.

The achieved new efficiencies will promote better Decision Making, will improve Operational Excellence and Accountability.

    combining digital technologies with +20 years of global drilling contractor experience

    The FenneX Rig Start-Up Management Platform is designed on the backdrop of +20 years of experience in global Offshore Drilling Rigs Operations & Management, combined with state-of-the art Microsoft Cloud Digital Technologies, to ensure the best possible, trouble-free Operational Start-Up of Drilling Units for both the Operator and Drilling Contractors.

    Suitable for Oil & Gas Operators or Drilling Contractors, or ideally as a Joint Approach, the unique platform provides a guidance for Rig Intake, Remote Operations Start-Up, as well as Consolidated Audit Management and Contract Deficiency Tracking Tools. 

    key Features

    • Single (and live) version of the truth.
    • User Friendly.
    • Live Drillable Inteligent Dashboards.
    • Configurable solution to suit specific Rig Start-Up Processes or Management Systems.
    • Secure Cloud based Platform, enabling multiple Stakeholder to manage and work from ONE joint process.
    • Based on Microsoft Cloud Technologies, easy link to existing common Microsoft applications (Outlook)
    • Cost Effective. No IT or Maintenance costs. Bespoke solution as All-in Package Service with rapid deployment.


    Tangible Benefits of using the Rig START-UP Management Platform

    Time given back to you and your team:

    • Improved Working Efficiency
    • Email and Excel sheet Reductions
    • Increased Policy and Process Compliance
    • Improved Acceptance, Audit Management
    • Better Decision Making
    • No Pit Falls, No Surprises

    The cloud-based platform offers a secure  and dynamic working environment, using intelligent dashboards and pre-built reports  that are customized to suit various positions or groups, to ensure swift, effective and transparent management of the Rig Start-Up, right from Initial Contract Signing to the Completion of the First Well.



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