New Technology Adoption is the key to your Projects success

Adding Innovation, Collaboration and Transparency 

Based on key elements from ISO 21500, the project management platform is designed to guide your teams through all project phases from Initiation to Closeout, to ensure the best possible results. 

Benefits include:

  • Improved working efficiency
  • Email reductions (giving time back to you and your team)
  • Planning omissions are eliminated
  • Accurate project plans developed (MS Project / Primavera)
  • Policy, Procedure and Process compliance
  • Acceptance and Punch-list management
  • Audit and Risk management
  • Reduced Project Risk

Relevant dynamic live dashboards and reports ensure project team members, management, executive sponsors as well as your key vendors and customers are never in the dark awaiting a painful surprise to derail the project. 

These highly adaptable, easy to use platforms can be used out of the box or can be modified within a matter of weeks to suit your unique processes and requirements.  

Our cloud based platforms are available as a service, enabling the deployment of a tailored secure platform to your project in a seamless manner, thus allowing all internal and external parties to collaborate together on a common platform and working toward a common goal.

Adaptable to :

  • Major Capital Projects
  • Rig Stacking and Reactivation Projects
  • Rig / Facility SPS projects
  • Rig / Facility Recertification projects
  • Dockside Shipyard Projects and Remote "in-country" Out of Service Projects
  • New Rig Delivery


How the Project Management Solution will help with your planning and execution.

  • Single version of the truth - Live data is pulled from a several sources – from the Project schedule, scope of works, the stage gate tasks, audits, and punch lists.
  •  Live Dashboards – delivering live data so you always know the true status of works across all phases of the project.  You will never be blind sided again..
  • Tailored / Customized platformyour methodology / your process.
  • Virtual project office - Anytime,  anywhere, unlimited access, meaning several team members can be working simultaneously on their own work areas allowing for your onsite or virtual remote project team to work effortlessly together.
  • Customizable process to suit your firm’s specific project processes or management systems.  Ability to use all or part of the Fennex template solutions.
  • Standard equipment hierarchy based on IADC breakdown – this can be altered as required to suit specific needs.
  • Access to a growing library of previous Scope of Works.
  • Ability for customers and key vendors to join the platform (as per your needs).
  • Integrated to your Planning software (MS Project or Primavera)
  • Data presented for upload to the firms own systems at completion of the project or as an on-going approach.
  • Cost effective solution – providing the Software as a Service (SaaS) with rapid deployment.  Billed on a monthly basis.  No high IT development, maintenance costs. 

Our SharePoint, Azure, Office 365 and Power BI experts are highly experienced, ensuring our platforms and reports are easy to use and maintain the highest levels of security for your data.



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