Closing the strategy-to-execution gap

Strategy is all about making clear plans and sticking to them - It’s simple and yet many organizations get lost in the execution, not through their lack of capabilities but the absence of full alignment, ownership, accountability, understanding, focus and the inability to drive the actions and make dynamic adjustments based on the hard facts of progress.

So, when the reality of the results don’t quite measure up to the intent of the Strategy, then it's time to consider a different approach.  Using evidence based management methodology and propriety technics the Fennex Strategy Execution Platform can help your firm realize its full potential against a set of strategic initiatives, by enabling your teams to focus on the actions and results in a dynamic and transparent environment.

Tangible Benefits

  • Strategy execution will be completed.
  • Improved working efficiency 
  • Email reductions 

Intangible Benefits

  • An enhanced culture of accountability.
  • Measurable results right down to the individuals involved - leading to improved meritocracy.
  • Improved trust and feedback within the organization.

Such a transparent approach has been proven to improve efficiency and provide real time data to allow for strategic adjustments, while helping to build a more trusting and more accountable culture.

Once deployed the real-time dashboards and pre-built reports will ensure your team can effectively track all elements of the strategy execution.

Based on Microsoft products, the platform is easily adopted by users and can be linked into common applications such as Outlook for even easier access to key tasks and information

How the Strategy Management Solution will help with your execution.

  • Single version of the truth - Live data is pulled from several sources. 
  • Virtual office - Unlimited access, meaning several team members from within (and outside) your organization can be working simultaneously on their own tasks. 
  • Live Dashboards –  No more chasing for updates via email.
  • Drill-able dashboards – allowing you to hone in on problem areas or areas of critical importance.
  • Standard reports – available on a scheduled or on-demand basis.
  • Customizable dashboards and reports to suit your specific needs.
  • Key documents safely stored and available for all. “You will always have the latest versions available”
  • Central document library – all key strategy files securely stored and accessible in the cloud.  Backup copies can be can be placed on your firm hard drives periodically as needed.
  • Ability for customers and key vendors to join the platform (as per your needs).
  • Cost effective solution – providing the "Software as a Service" (SaaS) with rapid deployment.   


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